Since 1997, Gehr Innovation Company (GEHRIC) has provided technical support and consulting services to businesses, working with many different technologies including server and client computers, computer networks, smartphones, tablets, and other computer-related devices. We work with firms that have many employees and multiple servers, but we also help companies that only have a computer or two. We've done work for accountants, attorneys, dentists, financial advisers, non-profits, jewelers, manufacturers, realtors, and staffing firms. Most of our clients are without a full-time computer/network technician. We fill the role such technicians play in larger businesses.

GEHRIC can be your company's single-source provider of computer services. We take responsibility for nearly everything computer-related, from selecting and specifying the right systems for a given need, to the purchase, installation, and support of these systems. We handle as much or as little as is needed, performing all work or just what is required from time to time.

We work extensively with the latest versions of Microsoft's Windows operating systems, both those that run on workstations and servers. We install and support wired and wireless networks.

We perform or coordinate work on e-mail systems, whether the e-mail server is in-house on a Microsoft Exchange Server or e-mail is hosted by a service provider. We configure computers, smartphones, tablets, and other devices to work with these e-mail systems and to synchronize data between devices, and we troubleshoot problems when they arise. We work with many pieces of business software, including QuickBooks and Peachtree, TimeSlips and Time Matters.

We help protect computers and networks from malware, including viruses, Trojans, et cetera. It's not possible to prevent all infections, but by taking precautions exposure can be limited and the affects of infection minimized.

About the only computer-related tasks we don't handle are programming and web-site design. These involve different skill-sets, so we leave them to experts who specialize in these areas. Still, we speak their language, and we'll be glad to coordinate work with these providers.

While we are knowledgeable about and have lots of experience with the most common hardware and software used by businesses, we aren't experts with every piece of software businesses may use. Even so, we take responsibility for finding the answers that are needed, getting product-specific support, and keeping things running. If we can't resolve a problem on our own, we'll contact the supplier of the hardware or software and work with tech support to troubleshoot the issue, so our client doesn't have to.

GEHRIC can be your company's single-source provider of computer services. Tell us about your business, and let's see how we can help!

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