General Billing Information

We recognize that good technical support isn't cheap. We do our best to give you the most value for your money. We charge for what we accomplish, as well as for our knowledge, experience, and time. Most work is billed by the hour, and our rates are below. As requested in certain cases we prepare fix-cost or not-to-exceed proposals for set scopes of work.

We do not resell equipment, though as needed we will purchase minor items for clients. (We list such reimbursable expenses on invoices with no markup.) We prefer our clients make large purchases directly from hardware or software vendors, as this expedites warranties and support, but we are there at every step to guide our clients with such purchases.

We are or will be partnering with select software and service vendors, those that we believe will be useful to our clients. Our aim with such partnerships is to improve our technical support for the vendors' software and services, to lower the prices our clients pay, and to expedite implementation. Candidly, some of these partnerships may produce income for our firm, but whenever practical we'll also partner with competing providers. This will help ensure we recommend whatever solutions are best for our clients.

Billing Rates

$120 per hour
Monthly contract:
$100 per hour

Monthly Contracts

In most cases we encourage clients to have monthly contracts.
1)For a monthly contract, how many hours must be purchased each month so all of GEHRIC’s work will be billed at the lower rate?
The contract will be for an hour for each server computer and a quarter-hour for each client computer each month. As an example, for an office with one server and eight client computers we would charge a minimum of three hours per month.
2)Can I cover some, but not all, of my computers?
Yes: all, some, or none of your computers can be covered with a monthly contract. Work done on covered computers will be billed at the discount rate, and work done on uncovered computers will be billed at the standard rate. If any of your computers are covered, work on network equipment (switches, routers, wireless-access points, and so forth) will also be billed at the discount rate.
3)Besides the lower billing rate, what can you expect if you elect for a monthly contract?
· Confirm your backups are running normally each week. We always show you to check on backup jobs, but at least once per week we’ll review the backups and confirm they’re running correctly.
· GEHRIC tech assigned: this tech will provide a majority of the service for you, will perform all work other than when not available, and will coordinate work regardless.
· Higher-priority assistance: we have only three techs, so we’ll still need to do triage, but we will give higher-priority to contract work over as-needed work.
4)Can we schedule regular visits, monthly or weekly?
Of course: it would be very helpful to use the monthly hours in this fashion. We can perform preventative maintenance tasks, such as (a) ensuring Windows and anti-malware (anti-virus) updates are occurring normally, (b) confirming anti-malware software is keeping your computers clean, (c) checking error logs and resolving small problems before they grow, and so forth. The more we can do preventatively the less downtime you should experience.
5)What if not all of the hours are used one month?
Unused hours will rollover to the next month, but for one month only. If hours rollover we will schedule a visit to perform preventative maintenance tasks, the same sort of tasks we’d to for clients who schedule regular visits. [See question (4).]
6)Will these hours always cover all of my computer needs for the month?
Not always: we are not promising to address all needs relating to the covered computers during the hours that our paid for each month. Items may still arise requiring GEHRIC to work additional hours. However, it is our expectation that by spending some time each month there will be fewer spikes of time relating to unexpected problems.