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Gehr Innovation Company, or GehrIC, has been offering IT support to small businesses in Oklahoma for more than 20 years.

Since 1997, Gehr Innovation Company (GEHRIC) has provided technical support and consulting services to businesses, working with many different technologies including server and client computers, computer networks, smartphones, tablets, and other computer-related devices. We work with firms that have many employees and multiple servers, but we also help companies that only have a computer or two. We've done work for accountants, attorneys, dentists, financial advisers, non-profits, jewelers, manufacturers, realtors, and staffing firms. Most of our clients are without a full-time computer/network technician. We fill the role such technicians play in larger businesses.

GehrIC offers many IT solutions that will keep you and your business safe and secure.

Server Setup and Maintenance Oklahoma City Edmond

Manage servers in any business environments

Backup Solutions Oklahoma City Edmond

Manage and monitor backups in case of data loss

Anti-Virus Solutions Oklahoma City Edmond

Prevent data breaches and virus attacks

Wi-Fi Network Installation Oklahoma City Edmond

Configure and manage wifi and local networks

Email Support Oklahoma City Edmond

Setup and maintenance of email

Computer Support Edmond Oklahoma City

Computer and Laptop Services

Computer Update Help Edmond Oklahoma City

Keep your business up to date to prevent exploits

Printer Help Edmond Oklahoma City

Printer Setup and Support

We have extensive experience working with several software programs used by all types of Oklahoma businesses

quickbooks support Edmond Oklahoma City
office support Edmond Oklahoma City
autodesk support Edmond Oklahoma City
adobe support Edmond Oklahoma City
lacerte support Edmond Oklahoma City
Thomson Reuters support Edmond Oklahoma City
Tabs3 support Edmond Oklahoma City
Lexus Nexis support Edmond Oklahoma City
Dropbox support Edmond Oklahoma City
ShareFile support Edmond Oklahoma City
Sage support Edmond Oklahoma City

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